Day-to-Day Eating

Here’s something that you may not know: 3,500 calories equals ONE POUND!

So if you consume 3,500 calories in a single day, with little to know exercise, you’re going to be a little heavier the next day!

We recommend that you stay UNDER 1,700 Calories, and spread them throughout the day.

Make breakfast your heaviest, lunch and little lighter, and dinner should be the most light thing you have all day. Have a snack or 2 in between meals, as it helps you from overeating later. But do not ever skip breakfast. Even if u don’t have time for a full meal, eat something quick.  I personally use this method 5 days a week.

I’m a little more relaxed during the weekend. So Friday and Saturday u may catch me with a big ass piece of cheese cake, or a some extra crispy fried chicken! LOL!

But on Sunday I go back to eating sensible, and use that day to detox and get ready to jump back on program by Monday morning without feeling all extra heavy and guilty about the cheat foods I ate.

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