“Silhouette Body” is recommended for women who want to drop a quick 10-15 pounds, mostly from the stomach while, toning up their legs, and shaping their butt and abs.

This system was specifically designed for women who want to achieve the “Bikini Body.” Soft lines and curves, muscle tone, and an hour glass waist line.

Each week was designed to keep you from hitting a weight loss plateau. The workouts will become progressively challenging, to keep your body guessing as you become stronger and more fit, and will target key body parts that will help give your body shape and symmetry.

But the best part about this system is: YOU DON’T EVER NEED A GYM!

Everyone who’s transformed their body using this system was able to easily execute this regimen from their own homes, without the use of a GYM or GYM equipment.

Comes with:

  • Instructional workout videos
  • Step by step work regimen
  • Easy to understand nutrition guides

This is a One-Time Fee of $79.99

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