She Vegan Protein Powder


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  • 3 Vegan Protein Sources: Quinoa, Brown Rice and Pea Isolate
  • No harmful Artificial Sweeteners, Colors or Flavors
  • Blend of 11 different Super Fruits, plus BCAA’s packed in

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If you are looking for a healthier alternative to animal-based protein, you have found it!!

SHE VEGAN is a high protein source designed for women who want to manage their weight loss and create symmetry and muscle tone. Our formula is made up of 3 vegan protein sources: Quinoa, Brown Rice and Pea Isolate.

There’s absolutely no harmful artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors to help prevent the cause of acne and bloating. We have a blend of 11 different super fruits, plus BCAA’s packed in.

And unlike other Vegan Proteins, SHE VEGAN brand actually taste amazing!! No nasty after-taste, and no thick gritty clumps stuck in your cup. We promise that not only will you love the way it taste, but you will also love the way your body looks and feels.


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