Chlöe Bailey's Toned Abs and Legs Looked Totally Killer

Women's Health Article by Korin Miller; opening image credit: Chris Pizzello.

Chloe Bailey certainly brought her A-game to the AMAs this year! The 23-year-old singer descended from the ceiling on a swing—and ripped off the cape she was wearing to reveal a black-and-white bodysuit that showed off her killer abs and legs. Chloe runs thrice a week to stay in shape. (Oh, and yes—she's vegan.)

Chloe Bailey gifted the world with a performance of “Have Mercy” at the AMAs on Sunday. And, as usual, she delivered a high-energy show that didn’t disappoint. After descending from the ceiling on a swing, Chloe ripped off the white cape she was wearing to reveal a gorgeous black and white bodysuit with chain details across her tight abs. And then, she danced her face off.

Naturally, she brought her A-game to the red carpet, too. Chloe showed up in a black cut-out dress with a thigh-high slit that revealed super sculpted legs and toned biceps.

Of course, the 23-year-old singer works very hard for that tone. For starters, it’s practically impossible for her to deliver a performance that’s not a total workout. (Did you see her VMAs performance of “Have Mercy” in September? Exactly.) “Performing every night is also a fantastic workout,” Chloe previously told Teen Vogue. FACT.

Chloe also gets her HR up first thing in the morning by walking her little brother to school alongside her sister Halle Bailey (of Chloe x Halle fame). Aaand she goes running three days a week or so.

But Chloe eats healthy, too. Both she and Halle are vegans—something they initially tried out to see how it would impact their voices. But they liked it so much that they decided to stick with it. The Grown-ish star told PETA that avoiding dairy helps get rid of extra mucus that can build up and mess with her voice.

So, Chloe’s diet is totally plant-based now, which she told Complex was pretty easy for her to do. “Eggs and dairy never sat well with me…so it was easy,” she said. “When we moved to L.A., it really became easy. So many vegan restaurants and vegan aisles in the grocery store are like heaven for us."

Despite her healthy lifestyle, Chloe said during a fan Q&A video that she thinks she just has really good genes. “I think half of my body is from genes and my family," she said. "My mom was a track star—her body was banging—and I think I got it from her.” She also added this: “I don't think being vegan has anything to do with my shape."