Doja Cat Reveals Her Super Toned Abs

Women's Health article by Sarah Felbin; Opening image credit: Marc Piasecki.

Doja Cat, 25, showed off her super sculpted abs onstage at the Global Citizen Live concert in Paris, France. The pop star donned a sparkly, nude bra top and matching bottoms that revealed her toned bod. Doja says doing squats and working out with kettlebells at the gym helps her stay in shape.

Doja Cat, 25, totally dominated the stage at a recent Global Citizen Live concert in Paris, France. All eyes were on the "Say So" singer and her shimmery, nude, bra top with matching bottoms. Oh and her even more impressive accessory... those abs.

Doja's cropped 'fit sparkled on stage and showed off her toned core. She also wore a blonde bob, chunky wedge sneakers, and silver arm cuffs to complete her performance ensemble. On stage, Doja performed plenty of songs from her new album, Planet Her, including the TikTok hit "Need To Know."

Wondering just how Doja stays in such great shape? The "Kiss Me More" singer explained all on a recent Instagram Live, which a fan saved on Youtube.

"Now I can tell you," she said, "because I am actually working out now." Turns out, Doja wasn't always a gym fan: "It used to be rehearsals for award shows," she said about her sweat-as-you-go approach to fitness. Since then, she's added gym sessions into her routine, and she's noticed real results.

On arm days, Doja lifts weights. She does four sets of exercises like shoulder presses and bicep curls to target her arms.! Doja admits, she struggles with training her upper body: "I've just always had noodle arms, my whole life," she explained.

On lower body days, Doja does jump squats and kettlebell exercises. "I love doing squats," she said. "Don't know why, but my bottom half responds to a lot, and you can see it immediately."

Doja didn't drop her core secrets, yet. But, you can try this abs routine to sculpt your own six pack while you wait for that intel. Since she's constantly traveling for performances, Doja said her workout schedule can change a lot from week to week. She focuses on squeezing in some quality sweat sessions whenever she can. "It's hard to get a hotel that has a proper gym," she added.

Either way, it looks like her brand new routine is really working for her. Killing it, Doja!